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Dura-Shield – Guaranteed Rust Protection

Automotive Rust Protection that Works!
Lasting year-round rust protection for your car or truck.

Save money on repairs by protecting your car from rust and decay caused from snow and salt.


Dura-Shield Rust Protection is ideal for both new and used cars or trucks. It stops rust in its tracts and prevents new rust from forming.

Independent laboratory tests confirm Dura-Shield provides a reliable barrier between your vehicle and the harsh elements, including road salt and moisture. Dura-Shield is made for the Canadian climate!

High pressure application ensures that all parts of the automobile are protected including hard-to-reach seams and crevices. Dura-Shield penetrates these seams and crevices to eliminate rust-causing moisture and protect your entire car of truck.

Dura-Shield is a yearly rust-proofing treatment that does not harm rubber, plastic, computer components or the electric circuitry of your vehicle.

Dura-Shield does not drip, harden or peel-it’s clean, affordable protection.

NO Drip.

For protection against rust insist on Dura-Shield!

Your yearly rust protection.