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Safety Inspection

Safety Certificate – $99

The province of Ontario requires, by law, that all used vehicles sold in Ontario, or brought into Ontario from another province, are subject to a Safety Standard Inspection and issuance of the Ontario Safety Standard Certificate (SSC) prior to being registered as “fit” or plated for use on public roadways.

A Mechanic certified by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation is the only person legally permitted and trained to perform a vehicle safety check. Check for the mechanics wall plaque with licensing certificate to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Some of the standards rely on the mechanical experience and sound judgment of the inspection mechanic, based on the inspection standards as set down in the Highway Traffic Act. Here is a link to the Ontario Ministry of Transport website for Safety Standard Certificate FAQ’s – http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/faq/vehicle.shtml#ssc2

Pro Car Care 4U has mechanics licensed by the MTO to perform vehicle inspections and issue SSCs.

If you are buying a used vehicle, have the experts at Pro Car Care 4U inspect your vehicle prior to purchase.